A dog with a poor appetite, kidney disease and behavior problems

“Just wanted to let you know that D is really doing well .…he is so happy. When we come home (my son) chases him around the yard and he gallops around darting here and there eating it all up. He is so happy. AND he LOVES that new food. I have NEVER in his 13 + years EVER seen him eat so willingly. This morning he could hardly wait until it rehydrated to get at the bowl- he stood waiting for it. I have never seen him do this. He has happily eaten twice a day since I started him on this food per your recommendation. You have saved his life and it is very heartwarming to see him enjoying himself. I really can’t thank you enough.”

Cat losing weight and lethargic

” I just wanted to say thank-you for the wonderful care you have given my cat, Noah, in recent months. His acupuncture treatments have made a world of difference. I really thought I was going to have to put him down in the spring due to several issues plus his extreme weight loss, lack of appetite and lethargy.
He is a new guy today! As I write he is eating his breakfast heartily after playing outside with his buddies this morning. He is gaining his weight back and his hilarious personality too! It is obvious he feels much better! And we know how much he enjoyed his treatments! I will be in touch soon for a follow up but I just wanted you to know that he is well on his way to recovery.”

Dog with a lick granuloma

“After that last acupuncture treatment, Z’s foot looks awesome!!!!! Thank you so much.”

Dog grieving over pet loss

“Z was grieving after the loss of another family pet – I just have to write and tell you how perky Z is tonight! I had her tied up outside tonight and she was barking at the neighbor and the cat. (not that I like that, but she had stopped doing that – stopped being herself – was more indifferent to things) She was bouncing off the walls when I went to leash her up for her bathroom run. And when she came inside she ran and played hard with her toy. Now when I looked at her she seemed happy and bright eyed! She loves the sardines. M..m…m. She’s back to playing with her toy and nudging me that she wants some dinner.”

Dog with shoulder injury

“Dr. Haley healed a front shoulder injury which had been recurring for approximately a year. My dog is very active and took several rounds of anti-inflammatories, which temporarily improved her symptoms until we stopped taking the medication. When allowed to resume her regular exercise she would begin limping again. Dr. Haley treated her with acupuncture and herbs for several months successfully ending the vicious cycle of limping. She is back to her normal running and jumping and general silly antics with no sign of pain for greater than a year.”

Horse with Front Leg Tendon issue

“Dr. Haley successfully treated my former high-strung Arabian horse for front leg tendon damage. After a diagnosis via ultrasound that showed no ligament tear. I was advised to cold hose, hand walk and stall rest my horse for several months. Stall rest was difficult because the lack of outdoor time only made him more anxious and worried causing him to be irritable and jumpy. Even with several months of rest he was not improving. Dr. Haley treated him with several different herbs and salves. Improvement was slow and gradual until I was able to resume riding. His temperament rapidly improved when herbs were started to the point where my friends noticed the difference and asked what we were doing. I am able to ride alone on busy streets and he is sane and safe! Only a small bump is present on his front leg where previously it was very noticeable. He continues to be sound, relaxed and fun to ride.”